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They Like Us, They Really Like Us!

Ok, so I know that the actual quote from Sally Field in her 1984 Oscar acceptance speech is “you like me, right now, you like me” but you probably get the idea: we won something! Whoo hoo! We’ve been bronzed!

2010 Articulate Guru Award.
We want to take this moment, before someone rudely interrupts our acceptance speech suggesting someone more deserving should get it, to thank Articulate for choosing us as a bronze winner of the 2010 Guru Awards. We have always wanted to be Gurus and since bronze is the new gold we are pretty stoked. But seriously, there were some great entries and we are happy just to be recognized among them. It is always amazing to us how people stretch the limits of a tool with creativity and passion. Articulate is a great product and we are looking forward to what they come up with in the future to help eLearning developers create great courses.

What your Teachers Never Told you about Managing Your Money

Our little course was something I worked on whenever I had some spare time, mostly as a demo for our potential clients. We wanted to do something a little lighter for the general public and having survived through the economic downturn we thought it would be nice to offer a free course on basic financial literacy – maybe even as part of a series. (Hey, we may be award winners but we still want to be nice.) If you have ever watched the Canadian show “Till Debt do us Part” you’d see that more people need this basic kind of course about budgeting, debt, and credit than you’d think.

That’s all we wanted to say for now. Head over to the Articulate blog site to take a look at it and the other winning entries.

Oh ya, I almost forgot.  As part of this award, our donated copy of Articulate Studio goes to ABC Life Literacy Canada. Visit them at www.

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