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One Tool to Rule Them All

I once was a writer for a software company that used a code generator to produce its application code. For some reason the president of the company got it into his head that since the code was automatic, all I had to do to produce the documentation was press a button and it too would magically generate. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It’s funny how we develop such misconceptions about what tools can and can not do.  How many of us have spent a small fortune on some software package thinking it would end world hunger, only to find it missing features so blindingly obvious that we started to wonder if the product designers were from the same galaxy as us.

At Pinched Head, we’re still looking for that one tool to rule them all — we might have to develop it ourselves.  In the mean time, we use lots and lots and lots of different tools to get our projects done and would like to share some of our findings with you.

We’ve developed a highly scientific 12 monkey rating system which we’ll rigourously apply to all the reviews.  Why 12 monkeys you ask?  Why not, we say.


Stay posted. My first review will be Articulate Engage.

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